Dental Fillings

You may be tempted to put off having a cavity repaired if it is not giving you any serious problems. But as our dentist can tell you, an untreated cavity can cause pain, can contribute to bad breath, and can even lead to a root canal.

A dental filling is a restoration used to repair minor damage to a tooth, such as fractures, chips or cavities. A filling can restore a damaged or decayed tooth to its original health and function. There are two types of fillings available: amalgam and composite fillings. Composite material is a popular choice as it can be adjusted to match the natural color of your teeth.

A dental filling placement can be done in just one visit with our dentist. The process involves removing the damaged portion of the tooth and cleaning the remaining structure of the tooth to remove any lingering decay. Our dentist will then seal the area with the filling material and shape it to blend in with the rest of your smile. The filling will then be hardened for long-lasting results. We will use a local anesthetic to ensure your visit is as comfortable and painless as possible.

Our dentist may recommend a dental filling to repair decayed or damaged teeth so you can regain the full function and health of your smile. We are committed to your oral health for a lifetime! If you want to learn more about dental fillings and how they can benefit you and your smile, please contact us today!

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