What To Expect As A New Patient

If you are a prospective new patient, we would like to give you an idea of what a new patient experience would be like. We strive to make the initial dental visit instrumental in establishing a healthy, enjoyable, and long-lasting relationship between us and our patients.

If you would like to expedite your first appointment, feel free to visit our Forms page to print out the forms you will need to fill out. 

Your first appointment in our office is generally two hours, which usually includes a teeth cleaning. The first portion of the appointment is obtaining any necessary x-rays or photographs that will assist us in charting previous dental work and addressing your desires or helping establish healthy teeth and gums. Then you will then meet with Dr. Bradley Dilling to obtain a thorough health and dental history and discuss what you would like out of your dental treatment. Optimal results in your dental care require a great relationship as well as a team effort, so your desires are considered at every single appointment. Dr. Dilling will evaluate your x-rays, photographs, requests, and records to create a custom treatment plan for you. Often no treatment aside from a routine cleaning is necessary. We will then complete any necessary treatments to bring the teeth and gums to the optimal level of health. After the examination, one of our hygienists will complete a teeth cleaning, if no other imminent concerns present. 

If you have any esthetic desires, we are happy to discuss them with you and include them in your treatment plan. We understand that many people are not happy with their smile and our doctor is fully trained to handle any cosmetic dentistry desires and requests, including adult braces.

Due to the individuality of dental treatment, no two patients will have the same experience. If you have specific questions regarding your treatment, don't hesitate to call us at (239) 454-1150.   

Our current patients love leaving reviews from their personal experiences. You can read their reviews here. 

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